Environmental Responsibility

Climate-Smart Agriculture has become the norm, and the CAA strives to improve the resilience of farms and communities. This is done by protecting ecosystems and biodiversity, avoiding deforestation, maintaining healthy soils, sustaining water resources, and guiding farmers to the right planting materials and practices.

Climate change

Conserving the natural environment and biodiversity is important to us, as we believe that our members’ children and grandchildren should be able to enjoy cocoa farming in the future and experience the diversity that Ghana’s forests have to offer. Climate change is real and will hit Africa hard. In recent years, we have witnessed changed rainfall patterns, for instance, which affects cocoa bean production and the surrounding nature.

Our measures

We have instructed our members to plant endangered species of shade trees and we monitor their survival rate in order to improve planting and maintenance techniques. We do not allow farmers whose farms are located in or near forest reserves to become members of the CAA, and all farmers are required to create natural vegetative buffer zones between their farms and bodies of water, roads, forestland, and communities. This promotes biodiversity and minimises any damage farming causes to the environment.