Animal diversity

To preserve animal life, we have compiled a list of animals found on or near cocoa farms. During training courses, we ask members if they’ve seen any of these animals and specifically ask that they do not interact with them. The list features pictures of thirty species of common and less common animals, which makes it easier for farmers to identify them.

The top five

Based on previous years’ inspections, we were able to create a top five of animals most frequently seen on farms: the tree cobra (opiremire), Baer’s wood mouse, green mamba, rhinoceros viper (nanka), and the white-necked fowl. The CAA has been in touch with both the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and the NCRC (Nature Conservation Research Centre) about these findings.


Hunting animals is strictly forbidden for CAA farmers and their families, as members are taught to protect wildlife. We monitor farms on a regular basis during training courses and inspections, looking for signs of hunting. The farmers themselves use signs and posters to indicate that hunting is not allowed on their farms.

Environmental responsibility

New land for cocoa farming

Climate Change

Energy Efficiency

Responsible waste management

Soil erosion

Protecting bodies of water