Cocoa For A Better Life is a unique collaboration between the Cocoa Abrabopa Association (CAA) and various stakeholders in the cocoa chain. Our goal is to create a sustainable situation in which farmers receive maximum returns for their cocoa beans.

To achieve this, we focus on three objectives: improving farmers’ living standards, protecting the environment, and encouraging members to invest in their farms. We pursue these objectives by focusing on the following five core issues:

  1. Higher yields through access to quality inputs & innovative extension services
  2. Increased income through entrepreneurship, crop diversification, and pensions
  3. The children we educate will become trained farmers and future leaders
  4. United & eEmpowered fFarmers active in every cocoa district in Ghana
  5. Protecting our natural inheritance is something we have to do together

History of the CAA

The CAA is an independent organisation for and by cocoa farmers from Ghana. It was formed in 2006 and grew from a small group of farmers in the western region to an association with over 8,400 members spread across 900 cocoa communities.
Every year, the members elect their representatives for the Council, which discusses opportunities, challenges, and future strategies. The association also has a management board headed by the Executive Secretary, as well as office staff in Kumasi and over 40 field officers who are the direct contacts for the members and their communities.

Our method

All cocoa beans produced by members of the CAA are Rainforest Alliance and UTZ Certified. Ascot Amsterdam BV, a Dutch trading house, buys the beans from members through the Ghana Cocoa Board and ensures that they are delivered to their customers.
GPS devices and Global Information Systems allow us to map every farm in the national database, which lets us guarantee traceability for our customers and ensure that farmers receive the correct quantities of fertilisers and crop protection products. It allows us to identify any farms in forest reserves, too, so that we can protect the environment. We also use other technologies, such as a mobile app for data collection and a farmer database, to track progress and document all transactions.


The CAA offers various services to its members. Please visit the Projects section of this site for a detailed list.
The association has also established initiatives to improve the lives of the farmers and care for the environment. Examples include a gender empowerment programme, the Child Labour Monitoring & Remediation System, forest protection and restoration, access to potable water by constructing boreholes, and community health, emergency, and sanitation initiatives.