The Model

Our model looks at cocoa-farming operations from every possible angle and is geared towards creating a positive impact on the farmer’s community, the environment, and the economy. We do this through capacity building, conservation, extension, and certification.


Cocoa farming is a choice, not an imposed way of life. The Cocoa For A Better Life model is was designed to increase farmer income through best practices and accountability in all activities throughout the cocoa value chain.


Farmers and the environment play a central role in the model, because we need both to grow and trade cocoa beans. The forest serves communities in many ways that go beyond productivity alone, and our members’ children and grandchildren deserve to enjoy it too. That’s why biodiversity, conservation, and restoration are essential elements of the model.

Tailor-made input package

Upon joining the CAA, farmers receive a tailor-made input package of crop protection products and fertilisers. These inputs are provided yearly on credit, in addition to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and need not be repaid, interest-free, until after the cocoa beans are harvested and sold. Equally important, the package comes with active technical and financial support. Additional services, such as the community health initiative, Farmer Development Plan (FDP), pension scheme, and shade trees can be included if a farmer chooses so.

With this model, our members produce higher-quality cocoa with a greater, more sustainable output – making cocoa farming attractive again.