Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a key element in our training sessions. We teach our members how to minimise energy consumption, such as by making sure that motorised farm equipment is regularly serviced, reducing fuel consumption.

Conserving fuel

Farmers mostly use gasoline, wood, charcoal, and sometimes LPG for energy. As these are finite resources, we educate farmers on the importance of conserving energy sources. Best practices include using as little fuel as possible and taking wood off fires when not in use. Members are encouraged to group their cocoa together, so less fuel is needed to transport it to the warehouse. All these measures benefit farmers’ wallets and are also great examples of how we can be more energy-efficient.

CAA office savings

All CAA office staff are trained on the importance of switching off lights and the air conditioning when no one is in the office. We have also introduced measures to encourage the responsible use of paper, such as double-sided printing to reduce waste and avoiding printing altogether when possible. Between 2012 and 2017, the amount of paper used was drastically reduced – from ten pages per farmer to an average of four. Since 2018, all inspections and training attendance registration were fully digitised.

We want to use digital technology for everything in the coming years, removing paperwork altogether.

Environmental responsibility

New land for cocoa farming

Climate Change

Responsible waste management

Soil erosion

Animal diversity

Protecting bodies of water