Conserved and restored rainforests

When a farmer joins the CAA, their farm is mapped with GPS devices and plotted on the base map of Ghana. Based on the information provided by the Ghana Forestry Commission, we will know if it is located in a protected area. If this is the case, we will educate the farmer on the importance of conservation and will suspend the contract until the farmer stops farming in the protected area.

Buffer zones

Buffer zones are areas of natural vegetation on the farm’s borders. A minimum of five meters is required between the farm and unprotected forests, bodies of water, hamlets, roads, and other crops. Our members receive training on these regulations and are expected to uphold them. As an additional bonus, the buffer zones are ideal for animal migration.

Conserving the rainforest

When a farm borders a forest reserve and is allowed to stay there by local authorities, our field staff gives it careful attention. Any actions with a negative impact on the reserve are prohibited.

  1. The forestry department provides special indicator signs.
  2. The farmer needs to create a buffer zone of at least 10 meters between the forest reserve and the farm.
  3. Throughout the year, our field staff conduct checks to prevent encroachment on forest reserves.

Environmental responsibility

New land for cocoa farming

Climate Change

Energy Efficiency

Responsible waste management

Soil erosion

Animal diversity