Healthcare and first aid

In 2014, the CAA gave all its staff access to health insurance. Equipped with a personal ID card and a list with available clinics or hospitals, they can now use health services in case of an emergency. More information can be found in the CAA’s Occupational Health and Safety Plan, which can be made available on request.

First aid and posters

We have a special first-aid training programme for our members, and CAA trainers and office staff are also given training courses once every three years. In 2013 and 2014, we kickstarted our efforts to improve first-aid skills in local communities by providing posters on how to deal with various emergencies. In 2015, groups were supplied with pesticide poisoning signs. In addition, communities are now required to put together first aid kits. In 2017, we created a combined poster on agrochemical storage, PPE, and chemical poisoning.

Social development

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Gender equality

Child development