The “cocoa for a better life” model is designed to improve the livelihood of cocoa farmers and their future generations. The model is visualized in a triangle and represents the focus on empowerment, environmental care, chain collaboration & certification.

Our triangle is shaped around the element of certification for it affects all the other focus areas. In the ‘cocoa for a better life’ – model each individual focus area is identified by its own set of core values:

• Farmer empowerment => Balanced
• Environmental care => Prudent
• Chain collaboration => Durable
• Certification => Transparent

Our business practices are based upon a high ethical level that will always take the well-being of all our employees into high account. Maintaining the integrity of our values is an absolute must, making our chain one that strives beyond the traditional product certification. Our core values, described in our Value Framework, are backed by our own internal standard. This internal standard also includes fair trade criteria and is more than compliant to the external certification of UTZ and Rainforest Alliance.