Ascot Amsterdam BV stands for Associated Cocoa Trading Amsterdam BV. Its objectives are to integrate the supply chain from farmer to customer and to guarantee the transparency of our high quality cocoa. Ascot is the (central) headquarters for the sale of certified, traceable and conventional beans from the Cocoa Abrabopa Association (Ghana), Cocoa Lela Association (Liberia) and new cooperatives.


To canalize, commercialize and professionalize the sustainable and certified output of the Associated West African Cocoa Producers on a continuous, transparent and reliable basis to the grinding and chocolate market worldwide. To make the profession of a cocoa farmer attractive again for current and future generations and secures their position in life; “cocoa for a better life”.


To become the largest supplier of certified cocoa in a world whereby sustainability will become standard; supported by further implementations of the “cocoa for a better life” model throughout various cocoa producing regions.

If your company would like to buy from or collaborate with one of our Associated West African Cocoa Producers, please let us know so we can discuss the various possibilities, Ascot is looking for sustainable partnerships.

Please contact Merijn Bruinse for more information.