Within the “cocoa for a better life” model, there is a strong focus on the social and economic improvements needed to empower the farmers. The association’s action plan is designed not only to benefit its members but also their families and communities in a practical and powerful way. Executing this plan creates strong social bonds and higher yields providing higher revenues and independence. Resulting in a reduction of poverty and a better quality of life.

A priority in the action plan for the short term (2013) and long term (2014/16) is the construction of new cluster centers (warehouse, training facility and shop) in each farmer community. At this moment the Ghana association owns 7 cluster centers and within 3 years this number will increase to at least 50. It is the association’s goal to have all its members receiving a regular health check provided by our Community Health Initiative. Furthermore the associations stimulate its members to sign up to the Cocoa Abrabopa Pension Scheme. On top of that, all farmers need to have their official farm plan(s).

A summary of the goals will be described in the Action Plan.