Cocoa traceability

Each farmer is electronically registered in our IT-system and can be identified by a thumb scan when delivering cocoa. The calibrated weighing scales in each warehouse are linked to this system and processes the weight and secures the traceability of the cocoa.

Professional farm plan

All farm members have to obtain their own professional farm plan through the associations’ GPS surveyor. This protects farmers against land litigation issues and serves as collateral at the bank and other credit facilities.


The association’s Extension, Training & Development and Certification departments work together closely to develop and organize trainings for certification and business and agronomic skills of the associated farmers. All trainings are conducted to stimulate member farmers in their work and finally increase their livelihood in cocoa.

We stand for a balanced growth where extension and certification go hand in hand. Capacity building is very important to us and is used to change the farmers’ mindset. Members become more professional using the right tools for their land thus increasing quantity and quality of their production.

Other developments are; the building of new more efficient cluster centers that strongly reduce the loss or mix up of cocoa. Setting up information systems to improve communication between the association and its member farmers. This allows for a quick and clear registration of all data resulting in a clear overview of a farmer’s land volume, productivity and social status.