A healthy rain forest

A farmer’s life relies strongly on the existence of a healthy rain forest. Therefore our associations have set up clear environmental rules and goals registered in our ‘cocoa for a better life’ – conservation plan. Ultimately not only benefitting the farmers but anyone in need of clean air. Download the Conservation Action Plan.

Child Labour Framework

TechnoServe survey (2011) indicates that the presence of child labour is not significant in CAA-assisted cocoa growing communities. This is a direct result of the introduction of the ‘Child Labour Framework’ to our members and a sharp and consistent observation of the rules it implies. Download the Child Labour Framework.

Cocoa for a better life

The ‘cocoa for a better life’ – model is geared towards capacity building, extension and certification. Upon joining the farmer receives a tailor-made input package of crop protection products and fertilizers. These inputs are provided yearly on a credit base, only to be repaid after the harvest and free of interest. Equally important, the package comes with active technical and financial support to ensure a better life for our farmers and fair high quality products.  Additional services such as community health initiative and pension schemes can be included if a farmer so desires.

Farmers attached to the association produce better quality cocoa with a higher sustainable output thus making cocoa farming attractive again. Higher income for the farmers results into less child labour. In our model children are only allowed to help on the farm within the strictest of limits. They may never be forced and must attend school. Permissible work is clearly indicated in our Child Labour Framework adapted from the Hazardous Child labour Activity Framework (Ghana government, 2008).