Input on credit

One of the mayor successes of the “cocoa for a better life” chain is that the participating farmers receive the agricultural input on credit. They are given the opportunity to repay these inputs without interest during harvest period, latest before the end of the crop year.

Ascot Amsterdam

Ascot is based in Amsterdam, the heart of the cocoa industry. In Holland this generates a €2.5 billion turnover and employs 10,000 people in cocoa. Worldwide 6 millions cocoa farmers and 14 million people are dependent on cocoa farming.

chainIn the “cocoa for a better life” chain, the farmer organization, input supplier and the Ascot sales office are working closely together to deliver sustainable certified and conventional cocoa beans. This requires professional supply chain management between the involved partners.

The “cocoa for a better life” model is initiated by Wienco Ghana Ltd. It has clustered the farmers into an association and provided them with inputs such as fertilizer and crop protection products. The result is an enormous yield increase and therefore far more income for the farmers. Besides sustainable cocoa the provider is also involved in the cultivation and export of Fairtrade bananas, mangos and RSPO palm oil. They also participate in Maize for prosperity (Masara N’arziki) and the cultivation of organic cotton. Because of these activities Wienco has obtained extensive knowledge and experience in sustainable production and certification.