Effective and sustainable chain collaboration, from cocoa farmer to final consumer, is a complicated process. “Cocoa for a better life” started in 2008 in Ghana to empower farmers by providing a high quality input package by a service provider on a credit bases. The farmers repay these inputs without interest during harvest period, latest before the end of the crop year. This is the first step in the development of the “cocoa for a better life” model. The aim is to reach a higher output of sustainable cocoa through.

Ascot is part of the chain collaboration and brings the high quality certified cocoa to the market. Besides Ghana, where the “cocoa for a better life” model is operating well, the same model was introduced in Liberia in 2011. In 2012 the first preparations were made to imply this model in Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Sierra Leone.

Powerful tools are made available. For example; the internal data system ABS, input packages and training offered by the chain partners. Nowadays, the “cocoa for a better life” model is in the stage of incorporating more interested chain partners and farmers. Please do not hesitate to contact our associations or Ascot if you have a good idea of how our model can be optimized and extended by collaboration