‘Nnoboa’ is the word for ‘team work’ in the local Twi language. Nnoboa is the starting point for all farm activities and helps to prevent labour issues and stimulates collaboration. It also decreases the need for hired labour and prevents child labour.
All member farmers work together in groups of 8-12 farmers. A promoter/technical assistant is managing approximately 40 groups. The promoters are managed by supervisors and final responsible person is the extension officer. The basic capacity building programs are done by the promoter on the subjects: cultural maintenance, application of fertilizer & crop protection products, record keeping, business skills and certification. As a part of their Abrabopa membership, farmers have to attend trainings to become skilled farmers and being part of a professional association.

In autumn 2012, an electronic banking test was conducted and successfully completed. In the coming years mobil money payments will be used instead of cash payments to stimulate the amount of savings.

Member ID

All farmers have an unique member identification (ID) linked to their thumb-mark. To identify each delivery of the certified farmers, the thumb print scanners and electronic weighing scales at the warehouses are linked. The group ID is written down on the cocoa bags and the farmer gets a receipt of each delivery stating yield (kg produced) and revenue. This data is then transferred to the main office making it possible to identify the tonnage of cocoa up to a particular date per farmer. Furthermore, the amount of received inputs, certification status and loan repayment statistics can be analyzed.